Application of information technologies for the forest ecosystems modeling as an approach for development of DGVMs

Bulgarian National Scientific Fund/№ДК07РП02/21/2010-13 – „Application of information technologies for modelling of forest ecosystems as an approach for the development of dynamic global vegetation models ”,

Directorate”Science”, Ministry of Education and Science –


Related to:

COST Action ES0805 | The Terrestrial Biosphere in the Earth System | 12 June 2009 – 11 March 2014

COST Action FP1106 | STReESS – Studying Tree Responses to extreme Events: a SynthesiS | 23 April 2012 – 22 April 2016


The main objective of the Action is a cross-disciplinary assessment of our current understanding of the terrestrial biosphere from an Earth system perspective to improve the reliability of future Earth system projections in coupled climate-biosphere simulations.

Research Tasks of the project

  • Development of functional classifications of plant types.
  •  Pilot development of classification-oriented database and a formal description of scientific information.
  •  Development of ecosystem models.
  •  Training of young professionals, bachelors ,masters and doctoral students through direct participation and involvement in research results in academic work.
  •  Distribution of the results through the scientific community and planning of future research by participating in workshops, scientific meetings and discussions.

Project Results

  • Creation of PFT classification of trees based on characteristics of stress periods, reflecting the integrated effects of the environment. This type of PFT classification is applied to the global ecosystem and modeling.
  • Prototype implementation of the tree database for facilitating the description of arbitrary classifications for evaluating the state of forest ecosystems and their management.
  • Experimental descriptions of PFT and ecosystems, based on ontological theory.
  • Pilot development of models based on genetic algorithms and analysis of the factors having a decisive impact on the development of the studied forest ecosystems.
  • Pilot development of experimental models based on neural networks of type Self-organizing maps for definition of ecosystem classifications.
  • Training of a student.
  • Established classifications and models will be presented at the workshops of COST Action ES0805.
Additional project description