Nadezhda Georgieva

Nadezhda Georgieva Georgieva

+0886 190 133

Institution :

Sofia University Department of Ecology and EP Plant Ecology Groupe


Plant ecology, functional biocenology, ecosystem modeling, analysis of satellite data

Position : 

PhD student of functional biocenology – “Functional studies of xerothermic oak ecosystems in NATURA2000 site “Zapadna stara planina I Predbalkan”

Master degree of Physical geography and Landscape ecology – “Ecological and Landscape studies of downstream of Kamchia river”*

Projects related to : 

КОF7FP 02б21/2010-2013 Application of information technologies in forest ecosystem modeling as an approach for development of DGVMs; Tasks: Investigation of stress periods of trees.

EP Environment /Nature in Bulgaria Consortium 2011 –2013/ Mapping and identifying of the environment – protected state of habitats and species – 1 fase; Lot 6 – Mapping and identifying of the environment – protected state of vascular plants, mosses and habitats, expert.

Exploring the relationship: Production-Energy condition of the water status in Zea mays L. agroecosystems in Dragalevtsi proving ground – research fund of Sofia university by contract 025/15.05.2009

MNR21 part of Comenius 2001/2003 subprogram – Waste collection and recycling

MNR21 part of Comenius 2001/2003 subprogram– Denses forest

*Study of floodplain forests.