Mariyana Lyubenova


Assoc. Proff. Doctor Mariyana Lyubenova

+359 898 74 01 15


Institution :

Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Sofia University st. “Kliment Ohridski”


Plantecology, Forest community functioning, Dendroecology – identifying and analyse of low

stem growth periods – stress periods,

Ecotoxicology – plant biomass pollution and health assessment, Plant monitoring, Plant diversity.

Position : Project Leader, MC member

Projects related to Action: 

ES0805б/2008-2013: The Terrestrial Biosphere in the Earth System, MC member, WG 3: Modeling Plant Ecology

КОF7FP 02б21/2010-2013 Application of information technologies in forest ecosystem modeling as an approach for development of DGVMs; Tasks: Investigation of stress periods of trees, Software developing (SP PAM)

Bulgarian National Scientific Fund /ДДВУ0253/20.12.2010/2010-2012 “Role of the underground plant mass in the annual fixation of CO2 from forest ecosystems of main tree species in Bulgaria”. Manager V. Dimitrova, Forest University, Sofia – position: consultant

EP Environment/Nature in Bulgaria Consortium/ 2011 –2013/ Mapping and identifying of the environment – protected state of habitats and species – 1 fase; Lot 6 – Mapping and identifying of the environment – protected state of vascular plants, mosses and habitats.


Investigation of trees stress periods
Development of functional classifications of plant types.
Development of ecosystem models.
Training of bachelors ,masters and doctoral students
Results dissemination through the scientific community

Lyubenova CV